Synonyms to trickily

falsely, amiss, apparently, artificially, astray, beguilingly, deceptively, delusively, erroneously, factitiously, fallaciously, faultfully, faultily, in disguise, in name only, misleadingly, mistakenly, nominally, ostensibly, plausibly, seemingly, spuriously, synthetically, truthlessly, under cover of, under false colors, ungenuinely, unnaturally, untrue, untruly, unveraciously, wrong, wrongly, guilefully, artfully, astutely, cagily, cannily, cleverly, cunningly, deceitfully, foxily, fraudulently, furtively, indirectly, insidiously, knowingly, on the sly, shiftily, shrewdly, slick, slyly, smoothly, subtilely, subtlely, surreptitiously, treacherously, underhandedly, warily, wilily, at an angle, by proxy, circlewise, circuitously, deviately, deviously, digressively, divagationally, divergently, excursively, in behalf of, obliquely, on one side, round about, sideling, sidelong, sideways, sidewise, to one side, advisedly, ast