Synonyms to trail

aftereffect, afterbirth, afterclap, aftercrop, afterglow, aftergrowth, afterimage, aftermath, afterpain, aftertaste, by-product, consequence, event, eventuality, issue, outcome, placenta, remainder, residual, residuum, result, secundines, side effect, track, upshot, wake, air glow, balance, butt, butt end, candescence, candle ends, chaff, debris, detritus, end, fag end, filings, flush, fossil, gleam, glint, gloss, glow, holdover, husks, incandescence, leavings, leftovers, luster, odds and ends, offscourings, orts, parings, rags, refuse, relics, remains, remnant, residue, rest, roach, rubbish, ruins, rump, sawdust, scourings, scraps, shadow, shavings, sheen, shine, shininess, shining light, skylight, straw, stubble, stump, sunset glow, survival, sweepings, trace, vestige, waste, butt en