Synonyms to tops

first class, best, first-chop, first-rate, greatest, highest, maximal, maximum, most, superlative, supreme, tip-top, top, top-drawer, top-hole, top-notch, topflight, topmost, topping, uppermost, utmost, first rate, capital, dandy, fine, first-class, prime, superior, paragon, A per se, Miss America, ace, acme, apotheosis, archetype, assimilate, bathing beauty, beau ideal, beaut, beauty, beauty contest winner, beauty queen, belle, best type, boss, bunny, champ, champion, charmer, chief, choice, chosen, classic, commander, compare, cover girl, crackerjack, cream, criterion, cynosure, dazzler, dean, dream, ego ideal, elect, elite, enchantress, epitome, exemplar, fat, flower, fugleman, gem, genius, good example, great beauty, head, hero, higher-up, ideal, jewel, knockout, lady fair, last word, laureate, leader, liken, looker, love, lovely, man of men, master, masterpiece, masterwork, match, mirror, model, nonesuch, nonpareil, optimum, parallel, pa