Synonyms to to some purpose

swimmingly, beyond all expectation, boomingly, easily, effortlessly, facilely, favorably, flourishingly, fortunately, handily, hands down, happily, lightly, like clockwork, like nothing, no sweat, on easy terms, prosperously, readily, satisfyingly, simply, smoothly, successfully, thrivingly, to good purpose, well, without difficulty, ably, abysm, abyss, acceptably, adeptly, adequately, adroitly, agilely, all right, all the way, altogether, amply, appropriately, approvingly, aptly, aright, artfully, artificial lake, artistically, baths, bayou lake, becomingly, benignantly, benignly, blow out, bonanza, brilliantly, bunkum, capably, capitally, cascade, cataract, cavity, certainly, chasm, cistern, clear, cleverly, comfortable, comfortably, competently, completely, conceivably, concernedly, considerably, considerately, cornucopia, correctly, crater, crevasse, cunningly, dam, dead water, decently, decorously, deep, deftly, deluge, depth, dexterously, dextrously, dig, diggings, dike, doing nicely, doubtlessly, drain, drain out, easy, effectively, effectually, ef