Synonyms to tired

arrayed, aligned, appareled, armed, arranged, assorted, attired, battled, bedecked, breeched, capped, categorized, chausse, clad, classified, cloaked, clothed, coifed, composed, constituted, costumed, decked, deployed, dight, disguised, disposed, dressed, embattled, endued, engaged, fixed, garbed, garmented, gowned, graded, grouped, habilimented, habited, harmonized, hooded, in battle array, invested, liveried, mantled, marshaled, methodized, normalized, ordered, orderly, organized, pantalooned, placed, raimented, ranged, ranked, regularized, regulated, rigged out, robed, routinized, shod, shoed, sorted, standardized, synchronized, systematized, togged, tricked out, trousered, vested, vestmented, ausgespielt, bankrupt, blasted, blighted, broken, burned-out, desolated, destroyed, devastated, devitalized, disabled, done, done for, done in, done up, down-and-out, drained, effete, emptied, enervated, enfeebled, eviscerated, exhausted, fallen, far-gone, fatigued, finished, frazzled, gone to pot, in ruins, incapacitated, irremediable, jaded, kaput, laid low, overthrown, played out, pooped, ravaged, ruined, ruinous, run