Synonyms to thrifty

efficient, able, active, adequate, au fait, banausic, capable, competent, economic, effective, effectual, efficacious, equal to, feasible, fit, fitted, fitted for, functional, go, journeyman, operable, operational, operative, practicable, practical, pragmatic, productive, proficient, qualified, realizable, suited, unwasteful, up to, up to snuff, well-fitted, well-qualified, well-suited, workable, worthy, parsimonious, Lenten, Scotch, Spartan, abstemious, ascetic, austere, canny, careful, chary, cheeseparing, conserving, dwarfed, dwarfish, economizing, exiguous, forehanded, frugal, frugal to excess, impoverished, jejune, labor-saving, lean, limited, meager, mean, miserly, money-saving, narrow, niggardly, overfrugal, paltry, penny-wise, penny-wise and pound-foolish, poor, provident, prudent, prudential, puny, saving, scamping, scant, scanty, scrawny, scrimp, scrimping, scrimpy, skimp, skimping, skimpy, slender, slight, slim, small, spare, sparing, starvation, stingy, stinted, stinting, straitened, stunted, subsistence, thin, time-saving, too frugal, unnourishing, unnutritious, wat