Synonyms to thresher

farm machinery, all-crop harvester, baler, bean harvester, beet harvester, binder, breaker, cast plow, combine, cotton picker, cultivator, disk, disk harrow, disk plow, drag, drill, drill plow, four-bottom plow, gang plow, grain harvester, grub hook, harrow, harvester, haymaker, header, hoe drill, lister, lister cultivator, middlebreaker, moldboard plow, peg-tooth harrow, planter, plow, plow drill, prairie breaker, press drill, rake, rotary plow, scooter, seed plow, seeder, shovel plow, snap machine, sprayer, spring-tooth harrow, stag gang, subsoil plow, sulky lister, sulky plow, swather, swivel plow, tedder, thrasher, three-bottom plow, threshing machine, trench plow, turnplow, two-bottom plow, vineyard plow, walking plow, windrower, fish, C, C-note, Chinook salmon, G, G-note, Loch Ness monster, Sunapee trout, aerial torpedo, albacore, alevin, alewife, alligator gar, amber jack, anchovy, angel fish, angle, anguille, archerfish, argusfish, babe, bait the hook, bangalore torpedo, barbel, barn door skate, barracuda, basking shark, bass, benthon, benthos, bill, black bass, black sea bass, blackf