Synonyms to thitherward

theory, apprehension, assumption, attitude, base, basis, body of theory, climate of opinion, common belief, community sentiment, conceit, concept, conception, conclusion, conjecture, consensus gentium, consideration, estimate, estimation, ethos, explanation, eye, fancy, feeling, general belief, grounds, guess, guesswork, harmonics, harmony, hunch, hypothesis, idea, image, imago, impression, intellectual object, judgment, lights, melodics, memory-trace, mental image, mental impression, mind, music, music theory, musicality, musicography, musicology, mystique, notion, observation, opinion, perception, perhaps, personal judgment, point of view, popular belief, position, posture, premise, presentiment, presumption, prevailing belief, public belief, public opinion, reaction, recept, reflection, representation, rhythmics, sentiment, sight, speculation, stance, supposal, suppose, supposition, surmise, suspicion, tentative explanation, theoretical structure, there, thinking, thither, thought, understanding, unified theory, view, way of thinking, yon, yonder, thereabouts, about, along toward, around