Synonyms to theoretically

ideally, absolutely, at best, completely, entirely, faultlessly, flawlessly, fully, hypothetically, immaculately, impeccably, in idea, in the abstract, in theory, infallibly, just right, on paper, perfectly, purely, spotlessly, thoroughly, totally, wholly, autograph, autographic, calligraphic, chirographic, cursive, engrossed, flowing, graphic, graphoanalytic, graphologic, graphometric, holograph, holographic, in longhand, in shorthand, in writing, inscribed, italic, italicized, longhand, manuscript, penciled, penned, printed, running, scriptorial, scriptural, shorthand, stylographic, written, principle, Procrustean law, a belief, a priori truth, activity, ambition, antecedents, article of faith, aspiration, at bottom, attitude, axiom, base, basement, basically, basis, bearing wall, bed, bedding, bedrock, belief, brocard, call, calling, campaign, canon, causation, cause, cause and effect, center, code, commandment, commitment, conscience, consideration, convention, core, credo, creed, criterion, crusade, dete