Synonyms to theological

canonical, Biblical, Christian, Gospel, Mariological, Mosaic, New-Testament, Old-Testament, abbatial, abbatical, accepted, apocalyptic, apostolic, approved, archiepiscopal, authentic, authoritative, binding, canonic, capitular, capitulary, churchly, clerical, confessional, conventional, correct, creedal, customary, dictated, didactic, divine, doctrinal, doctrinary, dogmatic, ecclesiastic, episcopal, episcopalian, evangelic, evangelical, evangelistic, faithful, firm, formulary, gospel, hard and fast, inspired, instructive, literal, mandatory, ministerial, of the faith, official, orthodox, orthodoxical, pastoral, physicotheological, preceptive, prelatial, prelatic, prescribed, prescript, prescriptive, priest-ridden, priestish, priestly, proper, prophetic, rabbinic, received, regulation, religious, revealed, revelational, right, rubric, sacerdotal, sanctioned, scriptural, sound, standard, statutory, textual, textuary, theopneustic, traditional, traditionalistic, true, true-blue, ultramontane, Christlike, Christly, DD, Doctor of Divinity, Elysian, Holy Joe, abbe, ace, admirabl