Synonyms to the few

least, at a disadvantage, at the nadir, below, below the mark, few, homely, humble, humble-looking, humble-visaged, humblest, in the gutter, inglorious, innocuous, least of all, less, littlest, low, lowest, lowliest, lowly, mean, minim, minimum, minority, minority group, modest, plain, poor, short of, shortest, simple, slightest, small, smallest, teachable, the minority, under, under par, undistinguished, unimportant, unpretentious, we happy few, breakaway group, camp, caucus, division, ethnic group, faction, interest, interest group, offshoot, party, political party, pressure group, sect, side, silent majority, splinter, splinter group, vocal minority, wing, back seat, callowness, dewiness, disability, disablement, disqualification, freshness, greenness, humbleness, humility, imbecility, immaturity, inability, inadequacy, incapability, incapacitation, incapacity, incompetence, incompetency, inefficiency, ineptitude, inexperience, infancy, inferiority, insufficiency, juiciness, juniority, legal incapacity, lowli