Synonyms to tetraphony

foursome, Little Joe, biquadrate, bout, contest, decathlon, double-header, doubles, event, four, four-part diaphony, game, games of chance, go, match, meet, pentathlon, play, play-off, quad, quadrangle, quadrature, quadrennium, quadrilateral, quadrille, quadrinomial, quadruplet, quartet, quatern, quaternary, quaternion, quaternity, quatrefoil, race, rectangle, runoff, singles, sport, square, square dance, squaring, tetrad, tetragon, tetragram, tetragrammaton, tetrahedron, tetralogy, tetrapody, threesome, twosome, arena, block, cincture, clos, close, confine, container, coop, court, courtyard, croft, curtilage, delimited field, enclave, enclosure, field, fold, forty, ground, kraal, list, lot, pale, paling, parcel of land, park, patch, pen, plat, plot, plot of ground, real estate, section, tet