Synonyms to testily

perversely, bearishly, cantankerously, churlishly, contrarily, contrariwise, crabbedly, crankily, crossly, crustily, fractiously, frowardly, huffily, ill-humoredly, ill-naturedly, irascibly, irritably, snappily, sourly, sulkily, sullenly, waywardly, wrongheadedly, shortly, abruptly, after a while, anon, aphoristically, before long, betimes, bluffly, bluntly, boorishly, brashly, briefly, brusquely, by and by, cavalierly, compendiously, concisely, crisply, curtly, directly, economically, ere long, fleetingly, flickeringly, flittingly, for a moment, gruffly, harshly, immediately, in a moment, in a while, in an instant, in brief, in brief compass, in due course, in due time, in short, just, laconically, momentarily, nastily, peremptorily, pithily, pointedly, presently, pronto, quickly, right, rudely, sententiously, sharply, snippily, soon, sparely, succinctly, summarily, swiftly, synoptically, tartly, tersely, transiently