Synonyms to tessellated

checkered, able to adapt, adaptable, adjustable, alterable, alterative, changeable, check, checked, ever-changing, flexible, fluid, impermanent, kaleidoscopic, malleable, many-sided, metamorphic, mobile, modifiable, mosaic, movable, mutable, nonuniform, permutable, plaid, plastic, protean, proteiform, resilient, rubbery, supple, tessellate, transient, transitory, variable, abstract, abstraction, altarpiece, block print, checker, checkerboard, checkerwork, chessboard, chimera, collage, color print, colors in patches, copy, crazy-work, cyclorama, daub, diptych, engraving, fresco, harlequin, icon, illumination, illustration, image, likeness, marquetry, miniature, montage, mural, panorama, parquet, parquetry, patchwork, photograph, picture, pomato, potomato, print, representation, reproduction, stained glass window, stencil, still life, tableau, tapestry, tartan, tessellation, tesserae, topato, triptych, variegated pattern, wall painting, colors in patche