Synonyms to teaching intern

intern, Doctor of Medicine, GP, MD, addressee, allopath, allopathist, apprentice teacher, artist-in-residence, attending physician, bastille, bolt in, bosom, cast in prison, center, clap in jail, clap up, confine, constrain, core, coroner, country doctor, croaker, deepest recesses, denizen, doc, doctor, dweller, family doctor, gaol, general practitioner, graduate assistant, habitant, heart, heart of hearts, hold captive, hold in captivity, hold prisoner, house detective, house physician, immure, imprison, incarcerate, incumbent, inhabitant, inhabiter, inmate, inner, inner landscape, inner life, inner man, inner nature, inner recess, inner self, inpatient, inside, interior, interior man, internal, intrados, inward, jail, jug, leech, live-in maid, lock in, lock up, locum tenens, medical attendant, medical examiner, medical man, medical practitioner, medico, monitor, occupant, occupier, paraprofessional, penetralia, physician, physician in ordinary, practice teacher, praepostor, prefect, prison, proctor, pupil teacher, quod, recesses, residencer, resident, resident physician, residentiary, resider, sawb