Synonyms to tax collector

assessor, Internal Revenue Service, JA, amicus curiae, appraiser, assayer, barmaster, cartographer, chancellor, chorographer, circuit judge, customhouse, customs, estimator, evaluator, exciseman, farmer, gauger, geodesist, judge advocate, judge ordinary, jurat, justice in eyre, justice of assize, land surveyor, lay judge, legal assessor, master, measurer, meter, military judge, oceanographer, ombudsman, ordinary, police judge, presiding judge, probate judge, publican, puisne judge, recorder, revenuer, surveyor, tax assessor, tax farmer, taxer, taxman, topographer, valuator, valuer, vice-chancellor, accumulator, bill collector, collection agent, collector, connoisseur, douanier, dunner, gatherer, magpie, miser, pack rat, credit man, creditor, creditress, debtee, dun, mortgage-holder, mortgagee, note-holder,