Synonyms to take the plunge

break ground, break the ice, cast away, cast loose, cast off, cat the anchor, create, drop the mooring, head, head up, initiate, invent, lead, lead off, lead the way, loose for sea, originate, pioneer, precede, stand first, take the initiative, take the lead, unmoor, up-anchor, weigh anchor, approach, blaze the trail, clear the way, court, cultivate, cultivate the soil, go in advance, lay the foundation, lay the groundwork, make advances, make up to, open the way, pave the way, pay addresses to, pay court to, play up to, prepare the way, run after, shine up to, sow the seed, suck up to, break, abeyance, about ship, about-face, abrade, abrasion, abscond, abysm, abyss, accidentality, acclimate, acclimatize, accommodate, accommodation, accustom, actuarial calculation, adapt, adaptation, adjust, adjustment, adventitiousness, agree to disagree, alienation, alter, alteration, ameliorate, amelior