Synonyms to take pride in

exult, be proud of, boast, brag, caper, caracole, carol, celebrate, chirp, chirrup, clap hands, crow, crow over, dance, delight, exult in, frisk, frolic, gambol, gloat, gloat over, glory, glory in, joy, jubilate, lilt, make merry, rejoice, revel, rollick, romp, show off, sing, skip, skip for joy, triumph, whistle, pride, Olympian detachment, Olympian loftiness, acedia, anger, army, arrogance, arrogantness, assumption of superiority, assurance, assuredness, avarice, avaritia, belief, best, bighead, boastfulness, bunch, catch, certitude, circumstance, cockiness, cocksureness, colony, conceit, condescendence, condescension, confidence, confidentness, congratulate, conviction, courage, deadly sin, delight in, diamond, dignity, domineering, domineeringness, drift, drive, drove, egoism, egotism, envy, faith, felicitate, find, flock, flower, formality, gam, gang, gasconade, gem, gluttony, godsend, good thing, greed, gula, haughtiness, haughty airs, hauteur, heraldry, herd, high horse, hoity-toitiness, hoity-toity, honor, host, hubris, invidia, ira, jewel, kennel, l