Synonyms to take a hand

act on, act upon, affect, approach, bear a hand, bear upon, concentrate on, condemn, decree, do something, do something about, doom, draw, draw on, exert influence, find, find against, find for, focus on, get cozy with, get with it, go, influence, lead on, lift a finger, lobby, lobby through, magnetize, make advances, make overtures, make up to, maneuver, operate on, order, pass judgment, pass sentence, proceed, proceed with, pronounce, pronounce judgment, pronounce on, pull strings, report, return a verdict, rule, sentence, strike a blow, take action, take measures, take steps, treat, utter a judgment, wire-pull, work on, attack, dive into, enter on, enter upon, fall to, get busy, get cracking, get going, go to it, hop to it, jump to it, launch into, light into, pitch in, pitch into, plunge into, sail into, set about, set at, set to, set to work, start in, tackle, take on, turn to, undertake, wad