Synonyms to snide

bogus, affected, apocryphal, artificial, assumed, bastard, brummagem, colorable, colored, counterfeit, counterfeited, distorted, dressed up, dummy, embellished, embroidered, ersatz, factitious, fake, faked, false, falsified, feigned, fictitious, fictive, forged, fraudulent, garbled, illegitimate, imitation, junky, make-believe, man-made, mock, perverted, phony, pinchbeck, pretended, pseudo, put-on, quasi, queer, self-styled, sham, shoddy, simulated, so-called, soi-disant, spurious, supposititious, synthetic, tin, tinsel, titivated, twisted, unauthentic, ungenuine, unnatural, unreal, warped, act, act a part, act like, affect, agent, alike, alternate, alternative, analogy, ape, aped, appear like, approach, approximate, assume, backup, bad check, bad money, base coin, be like, be redolent of, bear resemblance, bluff, bogus money, borrow, bring to mind, call to mind, call up, certified copy, change, changeling, cheat, chorus, clinquant, coin, come close, come near, compare with, comparison, concoct, consimilar, coo