Synonyms to snake eyes

craps, bingo, bird cage, bones, card games, cast, chuck and toss, chuck farthing, chuck-a-luck, crack-loo, crap, crap game, crap shooting, crooked dice, cubes, deuce, dice, die, doubleton, fan-tan, hazard, horse racing, ivories, keno, loaded dice, lotto, natural, nick, pair, pinball, pitch and toss, poker dice, policy, roll, rouge et noir, roulette, shell game, shot, sweepstake, sweepstakes, teeth, the numbers, the numbers game, throw, trente-et-quarante, ace, best bower, bower, cards, clubs, deck, diamonds, dummy, face cards, flush, full house, hand, hearts, jack, joker, king, knave, left bower, pack, picture cards, playing cards, queen, round, royal flush, rubber, ruff, singleton, spades, straight, trey, trick, trump, Gaussian integer, accouple, accumulate, affiliate, agglomerate, agglutinate, aggregate, aggroup, algebraic number, ally, amass, articulate, assemble, associate, band, band together, batch, be in cahoots, bond, both, brace, bracket, bridge, bridge over, bring together, bulk, bunch, bunch together, bunch up, cabal, cardinal, ca