Synonyms to slummer

rubberneck, Paul Pry, Peeping Tom, adventurer, alpinist, astronaut, be curious, burn with curiosity, busybody, butt-in, buttinsky, campaign, camper, climber, comers and goers, commuter, cosmopolite, cruise, cruiser, dig around for, dig up, eavesdropper, excursionist, explorer, eye, fare, gape, gaup, gawk, gaze, globe-girdler, globe-trot, globe-trotter, go abroad, go on safari, go overseas, go slumming, goer, goggle, gossip, hajji, hit the trail, inquire, inquirer, inquisitive, inquisitor, intermeddler, interrogate, jaunt, jet set, jet-setter, journey, journeyer, kibitzer, lionize, make a journey, make a pilgrimage, make a trip, mariner, meddler, mountaineer, nose around for, nose out, nosy Parker, ogle, onlooking, palmer, passenger, passerby, pathfinder, peer, peregrinate, pilgrim, pilgrimage, pioneer, pragmatist, prier, pry, querier, querist, query, question, questioner, quidnunc, quiz, range the world, rubber, rubbernecker, sailor, scopophiliac, see the lions, see the sights, seek, sight-see, sight-seeing, sightseer, snoop, snooper, spectating, spectatorial, stare, straphanger, take a trip, take the