Synonyms to slopingly

downgrade, abase, abridge, adown, aslant, aslantwise, aslope, at a slant, atilt, atrophy, belittle, below, break, bump, bust, cascade, cataract, chute, collapse, comedown, compress, crash, curtail, cut, cut back, cut down, damp, dampen, debacle, debase, decadence, declension, declination, decline, declined, declining, declivate, declivitous, declivity, declivous, decrease, decry, deduct, deflate, defluxion, degeneracy, degeneration, degrade, demerit, demote, denigrate, deplume, depose, depreciate, depress, descending, descension, descent, dethrone, devalue, devolution, diminish, dip, dipping, disenfranchise, disfranchise, disgrade, disparage, displace, displume, dispossess, down, down south, downbend, downcome, downcurve, downfall, downflow, downgate, downhill, downline, downplay, downpour, downright, downrush, downstairs, downstream, downstreet, downtown, downtrend, downturn, downward, downward trend, downwards, downwith, drop, dropping, fall, falling, falling off, falling-off, grade, gradient, gravitation, hang, hanging, humble, inclination, lessen, lower, mark down, minimize, off plumb, on the downgrade, on the skids,