Synonyms to slipper

greasy, adipose, blubbery, buttery, butyraceous, chrismal, chrismatory, fat, fatty, fawning, glib, greased, lardaceous, lardy, lubric, lubricated, lubricious, mucoid, oiled, oily, oleaginous, oleic, rich, sebaceous, sleek, slick, sliddery, slippery, slippy, slithery, smarmy, smooth, soaped, soapy, suety, sycophantic, tallowy, toadying, unctuous, unguent, unguentary, unguentous, waxy, animal, aphrodisiomaniacal, bawdy, capricious, carnal, changeable, clitoromaniacal, concupiscent, dirty, erotic, eroticomaniacal, erotomaniacal, fickle, filthy, fleshly, goatish, gynecomaniacal, horny, hot, hysteromaniacal, impure, inconstant, ithyphallic, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, libidinous, lickerish, lustful, nymphomaniacal, obscene, pornographic, priapic, prurient, randy, salacious, satyric, sensual, sexual, sexy, temperamental, ticklish, uncertain, undependable, unstable, variable, volatile, wavering, shuffle, admix, alloy, alternate, amalgamate, amble, andante, around the bush, back and fill, b