Synonyms to skippingly

occasionally, at infrequent intervals, at intervals, at odd times, at times, at various times, betweentimes, betweenwhiles, brokenly, by catches, by fits, by jerks, by skips, by snatches, disconnectedly, discontinuously, every so often, fitfully, haphazardly, here and there, in spots, infrequently, intermittently, irregularly, now and then, off and on, on divers occasions, on occasion, once and again, only occasionally, only when necessary, per saltum, periodically, randomly, sometimes, sporadically, uncommonly, willy-nilly, at haphazard, at irregular intervals, at random, by chance, capriciously, carelessly, desultorily, eccentrically, erratically, flutteringly, haltingly, hit or miss, in snatches, inconstantly, indiscriminately, jerkily, lurchingly, nonuniformly, patchily, promiscuously, quakingly, quaveringly, quiveringly, rough