Synonyms to sinewiness

effectiveness, acme, amperage, applicability, armipotence, authority, authorization, availability, be-all and end-all, beef, bite, bitingness, black power, blue ribbon, brute force, capability, championship, charge, charisma, clout, cogence, cogency, command, compulsion, control, cuttingness, dint, directorship, dominion, drive, duress, effect, effectuality, efficacy, efficiency, energy, first place, first prize, flower power, force, force majeure, forcefulness, full blast, full force, functionality, guts, headship, hegemony, height, helpfulness, highest, imperium, impressiveness, incisiveness, influence, jurisdiction, kingship, leadership, lordship, main force, main strength, mana, management, mastership, mastery, maximum, might, might and main, mightiness, mordancy, most, moxie, muscle power, ne plus ultra, nervosity, nervousness, new high, operability, palms, paramountcy, performance, pizzazz, poignancy, poop, potence, potency, potentiality, power, power pack, power structure, power struggle, powerfulness, practicability, practical utility, practicality, prepotency, presidency, primacy, productiveness,