Synonyms to sic

accurately, bang, conscientiously, correctly, exactingly, exactly, exquisitely, faultlessly, flawlessly, fussily, in detail, just right, just so, meticulously, minutely, nicely, perfectly, precisely, properly, punctiliously, punctually, refinedly, right, rightly, rigorously, scrupulously, sharp, smack-dab, so, spang, square, squarely, straight, strictly, with exactitude, with great nicety, with precision, egg on, agitate, arouse, cheer on, drive, drive on, excite, exhort, goad, goad on, hasten on, hie on, hound on, hurry on, instigate, pique, prick, prod, prompt, propel, rally, root on, speed on, spur, spur on, stimulate, stir up, urge on, whip, whip on, Autobahn, Sunday drive, US highway, acceleration, activity, actuate, advance, advance against, advance upon, adventuresomeness, adventurousness, aggravated assault, aggression, aggressiveness, airing, alley, alleyway, allude to, ambition, ambitiousness, amperage, amphibious attack, angle, animate, appeal, appliance, approach, ardor, armed assault, armipotence, army, arterial, arterial highway, arterial street, artery, assailing, assailment, assaul