Synonyms to shut of day

evening, accommodation, adjustment, afternoon, balancing, close of day, cockshut, coordination, crepuscular, dimpsy, dusk, duskiness, duskness, dusky, equalization, equalizing, equating, equation, equilibration, eve, even, evening up, evensong, eventide, gloaming, grayness, harmonization, integration, nightfall, party, reception, regularization, salon, setting sun, soiree, sundown, sunset, sunsetty, symmetrization, the expiring day, twilight, twilighty, vesper, vespertine, Mass, bedtime prayer, camp meeting, church, church service, compline, devotions, divine service, duty, evening devotions, exercises, lauds, liturgy, matins, meeting, morning devotions, night song, none, nones, novena, office, praise meeting, prayer, prayer meeting, prayers, prime, prime song, public worship, revival, revival meeting, service, sext, tent meeting, tierce, undersong, vespers, vigils, watch meeting