Synonyms to shunned

forlorn, abandoned, affording no hope, alone, apathetic, bereft, bleak, cheerless, comfortless, cynical, defenseless, dejected, depressed, deserted, desolate, desole, despairing, desperate, despondent, desponding, disconsolate, dismal, dispirited, dolorous, down, fatherless, forgotten, forsaken, friendless, fruitless, futile, gloomy, glum, godforsaken, grim, heartsick, heartsore, helpless, homeless, hopeless, in despair, inconsolable, joyless, kithless, lonely, lonesome, lost, low-spirited, lugubrious, melancholy, miserable, motherless, mournful, neglected, oppressed, outcast, pathetic, pessimistic, pitiable, pitiful, sad, sick, sick at heart, solitary, sorrowful, soul-sick, unconsolable, unfriended, unhappy, unhopeful, vain, without hope, woebegone, woeful, wretched, unpopular, avoided, despised, disliked, ignored, ignotus, in bad odor, inglorious, little known, lowly, misprized, misunderstood, nameless, no credit to, obscure, out of favor, rejected, renownless, snubbed, thankless, unaccepted, unappreciated, uncared-for, uncelebrated, undesirable, undistinguished, unfamed, unglorif