Synonyms to shrewdness

acumen, acuity, acuteness, apperception, astuteness, cogency, critical discernment, discernment, discrimination, farseeingness, farsightedness, flair, foresight, foresightedness, incisiveness, insight, judgment, keenness, longheadedness, longsightedness, penetration, perception, perceptiveness, percipience, perspicaciousness, perspicacity, perspicuity, perspicuousness, providence, sagaciousness, sagacity, sensibility, sharpness, trenchancy, art, American, Art Nouveau, Ashcan school, Barbizon, Bauhaus, Bolognese, British, Cobra, Dadaism, Dutch, Fauvism, Flemish, Fontainebleau, French, Gothicism, Italian, Italian hand, Mannerist, Milanese, Modenese, Momentum, Neapolitan, New York, Paduan, Parisian, Phases, Pre-Raphaelite, Raphaelite, Reflex, Restany, Roman, Scottish, Sienese, Spur, Suprematism, The Ten, Tuscan, Umbrian, Venetian, Washington, abstract expressionism, abstractionism, academic discipline, academic specialty, action painting, address, adroitness, alphabet, applied science, area, arena, art nouveau, art schools, artful dodge, artfulness, artifice, artistic skill, artist