Synonyms to short measure

arrearage, arrear, arrears, back debts, back payments, bouncing check, break, debt, decline, defalcation, default, defect, defectiveness, deferred payments, deficiency, deficit, deficit financing, delinquency, discontinuity, dollar gap, due, failure, falling short, gap, hiatus, imperfection, inadequacy, indebtedness, inferiority, insufficiency, interval, lack, lacuna, liability, missing link, need, obligation, omission, outage, overdraft, shortage, shortcoming, shortfall, slump, ullage, underage, want, wantage, abate, abatement, abjure, ablate, abstain, abstain from, age, analyze, anility, ascend, asking price, avoid, backslide, backsliding, balk, bank, bate, be eaten away, be found wanting,