Synonyms to shore patrol

constabulary, Cheka, FBI, Gestapo, Interpol, MP, MVD, Mounties, NKVD, OGPU, RCMP, SP, Scotland Yard, bailiwick, bureau, commissariat, constablery, constablewick, county police, department, highway patrol, law enforcement agency, military police, ministry, municipality, office, police, police force, political police, posse, provincial police, riot police, secret police, secretariat, security force, sheriffalty, sheriffwick, shrievalty, special police, state police, tactical police, troopers, vigilance committee, vigilantes, AEC, Appalachian Regional Commission, Atomic Energy Commission, Bow Street runner, CAB, CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, Civil Aeronautics Board, District of Columbia, Domestic Council, EDA, EEOC, EIB, EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, FAA, FBI agent, FCA, FCC, FDA, FPC, FTC, Federal, Federal Aviation Agency, Federal Communications Commission, Federal Maritime Commission, Federal Power Commission, G-man, GAO, GSA, General Accounting Office, General Services Administration, Government Printing Office, ICC, Indian Claims Commission, I