Synonyms to share in

apportion, accord, align, allocate, allot, array, assign, award, be partners in, bestow, carve, carve up, collocate, compose, cooperate, count, cut, cut up, deal, deal out, decrease, dish out, dispense, dispose, distribute, district, divide, divide into shares, divide up, divide with, divvy, divvy up, divvy up with, dole out, fix, give, go even stephen, go fifty-fifty, go halvers, go halves, go shares, grant, halve, increase, line, line up, lot, marshal, measure, mete out, number, parcel, parcel out, part, partition, place, portion, portion out, present, prorate, quantify, quantize, quota, rally, range, rate, ration, reduce, regiment, section, segment, separate, serve, set out, share, share out, share with, shift, slice, slice the pie, slice up, space, split, split the difference, split up, subdivide, zone, partake, acquire, be enfranchised, be implicated in, bear a hand, break bread, catch up, chip in, claim, clap hands on, clasp, claw, clench, clinch, clutch, contribute, count calories, diet, drain off, draw off, eat, embrace, enter into, evoke, fall to, fare, feed, get, get hold of, glom on to, go into, grab