Synonyms to shanghaiing

abduction, apprehension, arrest, arrestation, capture, catch, catching, collaring, coup, crimping, dragnet, forcible seizure, grab, grabbing, hold, impressment, kidnapping, nabbing, picking up, power grab, prehension, running in, seizure, seizure of power, snatch, snatching, taking in, taking into custody, angary, annexation, annexure, attachment, call, call-up, collectivization, commandeering, communalization, communization, compulsory military service, confiscation, conscription, distraint, distress, draft, draft call, drafting, eminent domain, enlistment, enrollment, execution, expropriation, garnishment, impoundment, induction, levy, mobilization, muster, nationalization, press, recruiting, recruitment, right of angary, selective service, sequestration, socialization, summons