Synonyms to shake it up

bear down, beat down, bring low, buckle down, couch, crush, debase, defeat, depress, detrude, do double duty, downbear, elucubrate, endeavor, get cracking, get cutting, go all out, haul down, hit the ball, hop to it, hotfoot, hump, hump it, hustle, indent, knuckle down, lay to, lean on it, let down, lower, lucubrate, overpower, overwork, ply the oar, pour it on, press down, pull down, push down, reduce, scratch, shag ass, shake a leg, sink, slave, snap to it, spare no effort, step on it, subdue, subjugate, sweat, take down, tear ass, thrust down, vanquish, work hard, work late, work overtime, attack, dive into, enter on, enter upon, fall to, get busy, get going, get with it, go to it, jump to it, launch into, light into, pitch in, pitch into, plunge into, sail into, set about, set at, set to, set to work, start in, tackle, take on, turn to, undertake, wade into, hum