Synonyms to shake hands on

agree to, OK, abide by, accede, accede to, accept, accept obligation, acclaim, accord to, acquiesce, acquiesce in, agree, agree with, answer for, applaud, approve, approve of, assent, bargain, bargain for, be a bargain, be a deal, be a go, be answerable for, be on, be responsible for, be security for, be willing, bind, buy, cheer, come to terms, commit, compact, comply, condescend, connive at, consent, consent to silently, contract, covenant, deign, do a deal, endorse, engage, give consent, give the nod, go along with, go bail for, grant, hail, have an understanding, have no objection, hold with, in toto, make a bargain, make a deal, make a dicker, nod, nod assent, not refuse, obligate, okay, permit, promise, ratify, receive, sanction, say aye, say yes, shake hands, shake on it, stipulate, strike a bargain, subscribe to, take kindly to, take the vows, undertake, vote affirmatively, vote aye, vote for, welcome, wink at, yes, yield assent, accommodate, accommodate with, accord, adapt, adapt to, adjust, adjust to, agr