Synonyms to severable

dispensable, admissible, allocated, allowable, apportionable, apportioned, back-burner, condonable, de trop, defensible, dinky, disposable, distributable, divisible, excess, excusable, exemptible, expendable, expiable, expletive, forgivable, gratuitous, immaterial, in excess, inappreciable, inconsequential, inconsiderable, inessential, inferior, inoffensive, insignificant, irrelevant, justifiable, legitimate, little, minor, minute, needless, negligible, nonessential, not vital, parceled, pardonable, petit, pleonastic, portioned out, prolix, reasonable, redundant, remissible, small, spare, supererogatory, superfluous, tautologic, tautologous, technical, to spare, uncalled-for, unessential, unimpressive, unnecessary, unneeded, unnoteworthy, unobjectionable, useless, venial, verbose, vindicable, warrantable, fissile, alienable, breakable, brittle, brittle as glass, crackable, crisp, crispy, crumbly, crushable, delicate, dissoluble, dissolvable, fissionable, flimsy, fracturable, fragile, frail, frangible, friable, lacerable, scissile, separable, shatterable, shattery, shivery,