Synonyms to setdown

abasement, bump, bust, casting down, comedown, debasement, deflation, degradation, degrading, demotion, depluming, descent, disgrace, disgrading, displuming, downgrading, dump, embarrassment, hangdog look, humbled pride, humbling, humiliation, letdown, mortification, put-down, reduction, self-abasement, self-abnegation, self-diminishment, shame, shamefacedness, shamefastness, stripping of rank, chewing, appetite, ass-reaming, bawling-out, cannibalism, carnivorism, carnivority, carnivorousness, chain-smoke, consumption, cropping, cud-chewing, cussing-out, deglutition, devouring, devourment, dieting, dining, drag, dressing, dressing-down, eating, epulation, feasting, feeding, gluttony, gobbling, going-over, grazing, habitual smoking, herbivorism, herbivority, herbivorousness, hunger, ingestion, jacking-up, licking, manducation, manducatory, mastication, masticatory, messing, munching, nibbling, nicotine addiction, nicotinic, nicotinism, nutrition, omnivorism, omnivorousness, omophagy, pantophagy, pasture, pasturing, pecking, puff, raking-down, reaming, reaming-out, regalement, relishing, roastin