Synonyms to set in print

overrun, adopt, appropriate, arrogate, assume, attack, balance, beat, beset, bespread, blitz, bonus, branch, branch out, bud, burgeon, burst forth, cascade, cataract, clobber, colonize, compose, conquer, crawl with, creep with, defeat, deluge, dense, deploy, despoil, destroy, diffuse, disperse, dividend, drub, engulf, enslave, exaggerate, exaggeration, exceed, excess, expand, extend, extend throughout, extra, exuberant, fan, fan out, fill, flare, flood, flourish, flourishing, foray, gemmate, germinate, go beyond, gratuity, gross, grow, grow rank, harry, heavy, hit and run, hog, honeycomb, imbue, impenetrable, impose, indent, infest, inroad, inundate, inundation, invade, jump a claim, jungled, jungly, justify, know no bounds, lagniappe, lambaste, leaf, leaf out, leave, leave no void, leaven, leftover, lick, lush, luxuriant, luxuriate, make free with, make up, make use of, maraud, margin, monopolize, occupy, open, open up, outspread, outstep, outstretch, overabound, overage, overbrim, overdo, overfill, overflow, overflowing, overgo, overgrow, overgrown, overgrowth, overjump, overleap, overmeasure, overpass, overplus, overreach, o