Synonyms to sequentially

in succession, by stages, consecutively, hand running, hierarchically, in Indian file, in a chain, in a line, in a row, in a series, in column, in file, in order, in sequence, in series, in single file, in turn, progressively, running, serially, seriatim, step by step, successively, turn about, alternately, au pair, by turns, even, every other, exchangeably, in exchange, in return, in rotation, in turns, make and break, mutually, off and on, reciprocally, round and round, to and fro, up and down, acting, action, active, activity, actual, actuation, affluent, agency, agile, alive, articulated, as is, ascending, at work, authority, autograph, autographic, average, axial, back, back-flowing, backward, being, besetting, breakneck, calligraphic, candidacy, candidature, care, catenat