Synonyms to self-condemnation

guilt, blame, blameworthiness, contriteness, contrition, crime, criminality, culpability, fault, feloniousness, guiltiness, misconduct, offense, onus, regret, remorse, repentance, responsibility, self-reproach, shame, sin, sinfulness, sorrow, wrongdoing, abject apology, acknowledgment, affliction, anguish, apologies, apology, attrition, ayenbite of inwit, be sorry for, bemoan, bewail, bitterness, breast-beating, care, compunction, confession, demur, deplore, deprecate, disappointment, disapprove, dole, dolor, excuse, feel sorry for, grief, grieve, heartache, heartbreak, lament, mea culpa, mourn, mournfulness, pangs of conscience, penitence, qualm, refusal, regretfulness, regrets, regretting, remorse of conscience, remorsefulness, repent, repine, repining, rue, rue the day, ruefulness, sadness, scruple, second thoughts, shamefacedness, shamefastness, shamefulness, sorriness, weep over, wistfulness, woe