Synonyms to self-asserting

brash, abrupt, aggressive, arrogant, audacious, bearish, beastly, biggety, bluff, blunt, bold, brassy, brazen, brazenfaced, brusque, bumptious, cavalier, challenging, cheeky, churlish, chutzpadik, cocksure, cocky, contemptuous, crusty, curt, daring, defiant, defying, derisive, disdainful, disregardful, disrespectful, ebullient, effervescent, facy, flip, flippant, forward, fresh, gally, gratuitous, greatly daring, gruff, harsh, hasty, headlong, high-spirited, hubristic, ill-advised, impertinent, impetuous, impolitic, improvident, imprudent, impudent, impulsive, incautious, inconsiderate, indiscreet, injudicious, insolent, madcap, maladroit, malapert, nervy, overbold, overcareless, overconfident, oversure, overweening, pert, precipitate, presuming, presumptuous, pushful, pushing, rash, reckless, regardless of consequences, rough, rude, sassy, saucy, self-assertive, severe, sharp, short, smart, smart-alecky, smart-ass, snippy, surly, tactless, temerarious, thoughtless, truculent, uncalled-for, unchary, undiplomatic, untactful, unwary, uppish, uppity, vivacious, wise-ass, a bit previous, acceler