Synonyms to seed plot

hotbed, Hydra, birthplace, breeding place, brooder, cloche, cold frame, conservatory, coolhouse, cradle, forcing, forcing bed, forcing house, forcing pit, glasshouse, greenhouse, hatchery, hothouse, incubator, lathhouse, milk cow, mustard, nest, nidus, nursery, orangery, pinery, rabbit, rich soil, rookery, seedbed, summerhouse, warren, Belgian hare, Chiroptera, Lagomorpha, Primates, Rodentia, buck, bunny, cottontail, doe, hare, jackrabbit, lapin, leporide, leveret, Augean stables, abri, antre, bunker, burrow, cave, cavern, cove, dugout, dump, foxhole, grot, grotto, hole, hovel, lair, pesthole, pigpen, pigsty, plague spot, sewer, slum, stable, sty, subterrane, subway, tenement, the slums, tunnel