Synonyms to see-through

crystal clear, apparent, clean-cut, clear, clear as crystal, clear as day, clear-cut, coherent, connected, consistent, conspicuous, crisp, crystal, crystalline, defined, definite, diaphane, diaphanous, direct, discernible, distinct, evident, explicit, express, filmy, gauzy, glaring, gossamer, gossamery, in focus, indisputable, indubitable, light-pervious, limpid, loud and clear, lucid, luminous, manifest, nonopaque, noticeable, observable, obvious, open-and-shut, palpable, patent, peekaboo, pellucid, perceivable, perceptible, perspicuous, plain, plain as day, prominent, pronounced, revealing, seeable, self-evident, self-explaining, self-explanatory, sheer, simple, staring, straightforward, tangible, thin, to be seen, translucent, transparent, transpicuous, unambiguous, unclouded, unconfused, unequivocal, univocal, unmistakable, visible, well-defined, well-marked, well-pronounced, well-resolved, Benzedrine, Benzedrine pill, C, Dexamyl, Dexamyl pill, Dexedrine, Dexedrine pill, Methedrine, amphetamine, amphetamine sulfate, avalanche, blizzard, cocain