Synonyms to see to

angle for, address, ask for, beat about for, bid for, canvass, court, delve for, dig for, fish for, follow, go gunning for, gun for, hunt, hunt for, hunt up, look, look for, look up, pop the question, prowl after, pursue, quest, search for, seek, seek for, solicit, still-hunt, sue, sue for, try to find, woo, abet, aid and abet, apply for, ask, beg leave, bespeak, blackmail, call for, challenge, claim, clamor for, countenance, crave, cry for, demand, desire, encourage, exact, extort, feed, file for, foster, give encouragement, impose, indent, invite, issue an ultimatum, keep in countenance, levy, make a demand, make a request, make a requisition, make application, nourish, nurture, order, order up, place an order, put in for, put in requisition, request, require, requisition, screw, warn, whistle for, wish, attend to, abide by, act up to, adhere to, advert to, attend, ausculta