Synonyms to secernment

excretion, cleaning out, clearance, clearing, defecation, depletion, discharging cargo, drainage, draining, effusion, egress, elimination, emptying, evacuation, exfiltration, exhausting, exhaustion, external secretion, extravasation, exudation, filtering, filtration, internal secretion, lacrimation, lactation, leaching, lixiviation, off-loading, ooze, oozing, percolating, percolation, removal, secreta, secretion, seep, seepage, straining, transudation, unloading, venting, voidance, voiding, weep, weeping, chyle, chylifaction, chylification, colostrum, discharge, flow, fluency, fluidity, fluidness, flux, fluxility, fluxion, gleet, humor, ichor, juiciness, lachryma, lactescence, leukorrhea, liquefaction, liquidness, lymph, matter, milk, milkiness, moisture, mucor, mucus, peccant humor, phlegm, purulence, pus, rheum, rheuminess, saliva, sanies, sappiness, serosity, serous fluid, serum, snot, succulence, suppuration, sweat, tear, teardrop, the whites, urine, wateriness, awash, bathe