Synonyms to saw file temper

temper, Irish, abate, adjust, adjust to, allay, alleviate, alter, anger, animus, anneal, appease, aptitude, assuage, atmosphere, attain majority, attemper, attribute, aura, bad temper, balance, bank the fire, be tough, beef up, bent, besprinkle, bias, bloom, blunt, body-build, box in, brace, brace up, brand, breathe, brew, buttress, calcify, callous, calmness, case harden, cast, character, characteristic, characteristics, chasten, chisel temper, churlishness, circumscribe, climate, color, come of age, come to maturity, complexion, composition, composure, condition, confirm, conniption, constituents, constitution, constrain, control, cool, coolness, cornify, crasis, cue, curb, cushion, damp, dampen, dander, de-emphasize, deaden, decoct, develop, dharma, diathesis, die temper, dilute, diminish, disposition, downplay, dredge, drift, dull, dye, ease, eccentricity, endure, entincture, equanimity, ethos, extenuate, fiber, fierce temper, fiery temper, firm, firmness, fit, flavor, fledge, flower, fortify, fossilize, frame, frame of mind, fury, genius, gird, grain, grow, grow up, habit, hang tough, harden, hardness, hardness scale, he