Synonyms to saporous

appetizing, acceptable, adorable, agreeable, alluring, appealing, attractive, beguiling, bewitching, blandishing, cajoling, captivating, catching, charismatic, charming, coaxing, come-hither, coquettish, desirable, enchanting, engaging, enravishing, enthralling, enticing, entrancing, enviable, exciting, exotic, fascinating, fetching, flavorsome, flirtatious, glamorous, hypnotic, interesting, intriguing, inviting, irresistible, likable, lovable, mesmeric, mouth-watering, piquant, pleasing, prepossessing, provocative, provoquant, ravishing, relishing, sapid, savory, seducing, seductive, siren, sirenic, spellbinding, spellful, taking, tantalizing, tasteful, tasty, teasing, tempting, tickling, titillating, titillative, to be desired, toothsome, unobjectionable, winning, winsome, witching, worth having, ambrosial, dainty, delectable, delicate, delicious, delightful, exquisite, flavored, flavorful, flavorous, flavory, good, good to eat, good-tasting, gustable, gusty, juicy, luscious, lush, nectareous, nectarous, nice, of gourmet quality, pa