Synonyms to salt-free diet

calorie counter, acid-ash diet, allergy diet, bland diet, calorie chart, diabetic diet, diet, diet book, dietary, dietetics, dieting, high-protein diet, high-vitamin diet, low-carbohydrate diet, low-salt diet, macrobiotic diet, pap, regime, regimen, soft diet, spoon victuals, ulcer diet, vegetarianism, vitamin-deficiency diet, British Cabinet, Sanhedrin, US Cabinet, abstain, advisory body, aliment, assemblee, assembly, assignation, association, at home, ball, bench, bicameral legislature, board, board of aldermen, body of advisers, borough council, brain trust, brawl, break bread, cabinet, camarilla, caucus, chamber, chamber of deputies, city board, city council, colloquium, commission, committee, common council, conclave, concourse, conference, congregation, congress, consultative assembly, conventicle, convention, convocation, council, council fire, council of ministers, council of state, council of war, count calories, county council, court, dance, date, deliberative assembly, die