Synonyms to sales pitch

ballyhoo, PR, advertise, aggrandize, aggrandizement, amplification, amplify, bark, big talk, bill, blowing up, blurb, boost, bright light, build up, bulletin, burlesque, caricature, carry too far, celebrity, circularize, common knowledge, cry, cry up, currency, daylight, dilatation, dilation, draw the longbow, eclat, enhancement, enlargement, establish, exaggerate, exaggerating, exaggeration, excess, exorbitance, expansion, exposure, extravagance, extreme, fame, famousness, give a write-up, give publicity, glare, go to extremes, grandiloquence, heightening, herald, hoopla, huckstering, hue and cry, hyperbole, hyperbolism, hyperbolize, inflation, inordinacy, lay it on, limelight, magnification, magnify, make much of, maximum dissemination, notoriety, overcharge, overdo, overdraw, overemphasis, overestimate, overestimation, overkill, overpraise, overreach, overreact, oversell, overspeak, overstate, overstatement, overstress, patter, pile it on, pitch, placard, plug, post, post bills, post up, press notice, press-agent, prodigality, profuseness, promote, public eye, public knowledge, public relations, publi